From My Garden to Yours

Yard Staff


Customer Service

Stanley aspires to provide you with the same level of customer service enjoyed by cable company customers and those seeking a multi-level marketing refund. So go ahead, contact Stanley with your concerns.


Social Media Marketing

Seriously, that's his job title. But everybody knows Alvin spends more time flirting and cruising the yard than anything else. He brags about what he's done for us on Instagram, but what about Facebook?


Quality Assurance Manager

Nobody loves ISO standards more than Theo. He drives us crazy with garden inspections, compliance standards, documenting our workflow and worse, filling out certification paperwork.


Security Director

Elusive, secretive and always on guard. Bonnie oversees our high-tech garden surveillance system. Intruders beware: we are always watching you.


Creative Director

Endlessly frustrated by our incompetence, Bubba can't stop yelling during shoots, "This is like herding cats!" We can only hope that some day we can make him happy.


Accounting Manager

It's a perfect job for DC. She's always been a numbers girl and refuses any and all interaction with other felines. If your question isn't related to Quickbooks or PayPal, don't bother talking to her.


Operations Manager

Oh, this sweet and shy lady keeps us organized! Distributing agendas for a weekly staff meetings, ordering jumbo bags of cat food and running the office. We couldn't do it without her.


IT Manager

Whether it's hardening our system or troubleshooting a php conflict, Charbon is the master of technology. He delights in coding by hand and standing at the door contemplating office versus garden activities.


Sentry Guard

Under the direction of Bonnie, Goldie is our 24/7 roving security guard. Day and night, she secures the perimeter and rips up intruders. Her motto: The only squirrel in our yard is a headless squirrel.



We really don't know what Ashley does. But to be completely honest, we're afraid to ask.