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Scarlet Bugler - Penstemon centranthifolius Yarrow - Achillea millefolium californica
December 24, 2017

Winter Garden Blossoms

While the vast majority of my garden is dormant in December, there are still some gorgeous standouts that withstand frosty weather. Some, like Alyssum, Calendula, Dianthus, Lavender, Rudbeckia, Snapdragons, Woolly Blue Curls and Yarrow, actually bloom all year long.

Here’s what’s blooming in my December garden:

  • Alyssum
  • Black Sage – Salvia mellifera
  • Calendula
  • Daisy ‘Snowland’ – Leucanthemum paludosum
  • Dianthus
  • English Daisy – Bellis perennis
  • Iceland Poppy – Papaver nudicaule
  • Lavender – Lavandula multifida
  • Ornamental Cabbage – Brassica oleracea
  • Pansy – Viola t. var. hortensis
  • Rose ‘Iceberg’ – Rosa
  • Scarlet Bugler – Penstemon centranthifolius
  • Snapdragon – Antirrhinum majus L.
  • Stocks – Matthiola incana
  • Woolly Blue Curls – Trichostema lanatum
  • Yarrow – Achillea millefolium
Black Sage - Salvia mellifera
Black Sage
Yellow Calendula with bee
Snowland Daisy - Leucanthemum paludosum
Snowland Daisy
Pink Dianthus
Pink Dianthus
White English Daisy with a touch of pink
English Daisy
Lavender - Lavandula multifida
Ornamental Cabbage - Brassica oleracea
Ornamental Cabbage
White and Purple Johnny Jump Up - Pansy - Viola
Pansy – Johnny Jump Up
Iceberg Rose
Rose ‘Iceberg’ – Rosa
Scarlet Bugler - Penstemon centranthifolius
Scarlet Bugler
Pink Orange Snapdragon
Pink Stocks
Blue Woolly Curls
Woolly Blue Curls
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium californica

2 Thoughts

  1. Brit on August 8, 2018

    How often do your wooly blue curls get irrigated? Mine seems to have died but I hope it’s just dormant?

    • gardening-for-purple on August 15, 2018

      My woolly blue curls recently died. I think it was getting too much summer water. I plan to get a new one and put it an elevation that gets no summer water after it is established.

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