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DIY Garden Projects

black dahlia bud pink dahlia
yellow black mystic dahlias
August 28, 2021

Structural Support for Dahlias

My biggest challenge with dahlias: keeping them upright and looking natural. I have tried various methods: tomato cages, teepees, metal supports and now finally we’ve mastered bamboo supports which is the best so far.

DIY flower seed packets with popsicle sticks
August 03, 2018

Creating & Mailing Flower Seed Packets

It’s one of the best gifts from the heart: seeds from your garden. But if you’re sending them through the mail, you’ve got to take extra care so the seeds aren’t crushed by postal equipment. You can use bubble wrap but I prefer to use non-plastic materials that can be re-purposed or recycled.

Container Gardening - Metal Basket, Spaghnum Moss and Coconut Coir Container Gardening - Coconut Coir and Spaghnum Moss
Container Gardening in Metal Basket with Heuchera, Rabbit Foot's Fern and Neanthebella Palm
July 03, 2018

Container Gardening – Metal Basket

Go ahead and take me to a craft store. But I’m just looking at everything thinking about what I can use for plants. This metal basket caught my eye and I immediately pictured it in my shade garden with moss. Though since I live in a hot and dry region, baskets must be well insulated to do well.

Garden Shears Garden Tool Bucket - Mixing Oil with Sand
Garden Tool Sand Bucket
June 28, 2018

Garden Tool Bucket

Gardening is a lot easier (and cheaper!) when tools are kept in good condition. One of the easiest ways to keep them clean and working well is to store them in a bucket with oiled sand. This also minimizes rust. It is such an easy and inexpensive project.

Spraying Wood Treatment on Compost Bin Components Wood for Stackable Compost Bins
DIY Stackable Compost Bin
May 07, 2018

Do-it-yourself Stackable Compost Bins

We love this compost bin. It’s simple to build and so efficient for making compost. It was designed by the experts at University of California Cooperative Extension. Each 3-foot-square section is a separate, stackable unit. With these easy instructions, you can make as many units as you need. Total cost: $48.98 plus tax.