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We hope that you’ll find our tips, advice and even our failures in growing and cultivating will be helpful in your yard. We grow countless traditional garden favorites along with many California native and/or drought-tolerant plants. Be sure to share your insight and experiences by commenting on our posts.

A lot of flowers love a California winter, so we still have a lot of flowers blooming at this time of year. The first anemones, ranunculus and Chrysanthemum paludosum have made their winter debut. Plus some early Paperwhites. Check out all the bulbs, corms and rhizomes that we’re growing in the container garden.

Garden Journal

Pink, White, Yellow Hyacinth
December 27, 2020

Growing Bulbs, Rhizomes & Corms in Containers

I love container gardening, especially with a variety of bulbs, rhizomes and corms. It’s so easy and they come back beautifully year after year. Plus, many of them make a lot of babies that you can give away to friends and family.

Pink Shirley Poppies
April 14, 2020

Ask Me, Share with Me

I often get questions in comments on this site and in Instagram posts asking about flowers, IDs, for advice, etc. On Instagram, I cannot respond with images or clickable links. Plus, sometimes my online friends want to share more of their gardens and yards with me.

California Garden Tour
February 19, 2020

California Garden Tours & Events Spring 2020

I can’t get enough of garden tours! They are so inspirational and provide so many ideas for what I can do in my yard. Plus, many are staffed by experts who can answer questions and provide guidance.