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Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus
Golden Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus

Arroyo & Golden Lupine

So far I’ve grown two gorgeous lupines in my yard: Golden Lupine (Lupinus densiflorus aureus) and Arroyo (Lupinus succulentus). Both are spring-blooming, annual California native plants. They both burn up in the summer as the weather heats up.

Like most California wildflowers, lupines are best planted in the fall. However, lupine seeds can stay in the soil for multiple years before germinating. In my yard, they grow best in an area that is mostly decomposed granite mixed with clay soil. I’ve tried planting them in clay soil only, but the germination rate is much lower.

Golden Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus

To maximize germination, I soak the seeds for several hours before planting. One year, I forgot about them and discovered them soaking for 2+ days. Some had already germinated in the water. We went ahead and planted them – they did great and we got one of our best-ever displays of lupines.

As you can see in the photos above, Golden Lupine glows like a luminescent candelabra in the garden.

Each plant will produce many seeds and reseeds prolifically. In my yard, the birds especially love the big and apparently delicious seeds of Golden Arroyo. They gorge on them all spring.

Golden Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus Seedling
Golden Lupine seedling
Golden Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus Seed Pods
Golden Lupine seed pods
Golden Lupine - Lupinus densiflorus aureus Seedling
Lupine seedling emerging
Arroyo Lupine - Lupinus succulentus seed pods
Arroyo Lupine seed pods
Arroyo Lupine Seedling
Arroyo Lupine seedling
Lupine Seeds
Little seeds: Arroyo; Big seeds: Golden
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