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Container Gardening - Metal Basket, Spaghnum Moss and Coconut Coir Container Gardening - Coconut Coir and Spaghnum Moss
Container Gardening in Metal Basket with Heuchera, Rabbit Foot's Fern and Neanthebella Palm
July 03, 2018

Container Gardening – Metal Basket

Go ahead and take me to a craft store. But I’m just looking at everything thinking about what I can use for plants. This metal basket caught my eye and I immediately pictured it in my shade garden with moss. Though since I live in a hot and dry region, baskets must be well insulated to do well.

Garden Shears Garden Tool Bucket - Mixing Oil with Sand
Garden Tool Sand Bucket
June 28, 2018

Garden Tool Bucket

Gardening is a lot easier (and cheaper!) when tools are kept in good condition. One of the easiest ways to keep them clean and working well is to store them in a bucket with oiled sand. This also minimizes rust. It is such an easy and inexpensive project.

White and Purple Osteospermum Yellow and Orange California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica ssp. maritima 'Coastal Form'
Hollyhocks in Hot and Dry Cottage Garden
June 24, 2018

Hot & Dry Cottage Garden

I adore a traditional cottage garden but certainly don’t have the weather for it. Starting in late May, the weather begins to heat up and our summer sizzles with temperatures often above 100F well into the fall. So I’m always looking for beautiful flowers and plants that can withstand the heat, but don’t require a lot of water.

Painted Lady Butterfly on Butterfly Bush Butterfly Flowers
Hummingbird Garden Plants
May 30, 2018

Plants for Butterfly Larvae, Butterflies and Hummingbirds

The most beautiful gardens are loaded with insects and adored by birds. Among my favorites are caterpillars, butterflies and hummingbirds. To attract them to your yard, provide plants and trees for their entire life cycle.

Radishes - Organic Gardening Yellow Pear Tomatoes - Organic Gardening
Keeping Cats Out of Garden Beds
May 26, 2018

Keeping Cats Out of Garden Beds

Cats are beautiful in the garden, but they can be downright dangerous in the kitchen garden. Especially with raised beds, it can be tempting for cats to use them as litter boxes.That’s unpleasant for the gardener, but also their feces can infect the soil with parasites, including one that causes toxoplasmosis.

Spraying Wood Treatment on Compost Bin Components Wood for Stackable Compost Bins
DIY Stackable Compost Bin
May 07, 2018

Do-it-yourself Stackable Compost Bins

We love this compost bin. It’s simple to build and so efficient for making compost. It was designed by the experts at University of California Cooperative Extension. Each 3-foot-square section is a separate, stackable unit. With these easy instructions, you can make as many units as you need. Total cost: $48.98 plus tax.

Purple and White Delphinium Yellow Lupine
Purple Arroyo Lupine
March 16, 2018

Saving Your Plants from Snails and Slugs

In my yard, the snails and slugs are just waiting to mow down my seedlings and flowers – especially lupine and delphinium. It can be devastating to put so much work into your garden and overnight they can completely clear out an area and leave you with stubs.

Container Gardening - Spring Flowers & Bulbs
Spring Flower Garden - Hollyhocks and Larkspur
March 06, 2018

California Garden Tours & Events Spring 2018

It’s one of the best ways to gain inspiration for your garden – go on a garden tour or attend a flower show! It’s so wonderful to see what other gardeners are doing and get new ideas for your yard.

Yellow Mexican Marigolds Magenta Ranunculus
Oriental Poppies, Larkspur and Snapdragons
March 02, 2018

California Spring 2018 Plant Sales

Oh, there’s nothing like a plant sale! I love browsing the sales hosted by public gardens and non-profit organizations. They’re typically staffed by knowledgeable master gardeners – so you get expert help and advice while shopping. Many of these events include hard-to-find native and rare plants that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sheet Mulching - Shredding Sunflowers
Wildflower Garden
February 04, 2018

Sheet Mulching

I don’t dig it. At least not anymore. I used to dig in amendments endlessly to make plants happy in my high-alkaline, heavy clay soil. It didn’t work very well, to say the least. Then I discovered sheet mulching (also known as lasagna gardening) and I have never looked back. And my back is so much happier.