From My Garden to Yours
Anemone De Caen
Wildflowers Bachelor Buttons, Larkspur
November 13, 2021

The Purple Garden

I have always loved purple. My cousin Bobbi told me that when I was little, she would ask me repeatedly for my favorite color thinking that it would change because purple isn’t a typical choice for a toddler. So of course, purple is the base color of my garden.

orange iceland poppy with cat ranunculus linaria
Iceland poppy ranunculus anemone
September 06, 2021

Planting & Sowing Chilly Weather Flowers

Whether planting for a California winter or early spring in colder zones, these are my favorite flowers that do well in chilly weather. In my zone, 9b, it typically freezes to about mid 20s Fahrenheit and that’s no problem for these flowers. While these flowers will not bloom while temperatures are dipping below freezing, their foliage can withstand frosty weather. So for those of you in colder zones, you don’t have to wait until after the last frost date to plant them. And for those of you in zones 9-10, fall is the time to plant.

black dahlia bud pink dahlia
yellow black mystic dahlias
August 28, 2021

Structural Support for Dahlias

My biggest challenge with dahlias: keeping them upright and looking natural. I have tried various methods: tomato cages, teepees, metal supports and now finally we’ve mastered bamboo supports which is the best so far.

August 20, 2021

Sowing Zinnias

There are so many beautiful reasons to love zinnias! But we especially love them for all the butterflies and other pollinators that they bring to the garden. Whether you place them in the garden as transplants or from seed, zinnias are so easy to grow. They can really take the scorching summer heat in full sun.

March 07, 2021

Planting Gladiolus Along a Picket Fence

This past year I’ve worked on perfecting my gladiolus game. I planted along a little picket fence. When digging in, I add a layer of Kellogg’s organic soil, some bulb fertilizer, then a little soil over that (so that bulb doesn’t touch the fertilizer), a bamboo skewer to mark location, throw in the corm and cover with more soil.

Yellow, White Daffodil Freesia Container Gardening
Pink, White, Yellow Hyacinth
December 27, 2020

Growing Bulbs, Rhizomes & Corms in Containers

I love container gardening, especially with a variety of bulbs, rhizomes and corms. It’s so easy and they come back beautifully year after year. Plus, many of them make a lot of babies that you can give away to friends and family.

Blue Borage Yellow California poppy with bee
Pink Shirley Poppies
April 14, 2020

Ask Me, Share with Me

I often get questions in comments on this site and in Instagram posts asking about flowers, IDs, for advice, etc. On Instagram, I cannot respond with images or clickable links. Plus, sometimes my online friends want to share more of their gardens and yards with me.

Shade Garden Containers Giant Squill Bulb in Wine Bottle Elevation
California Garden Tour
February 19, 2020

California Garden Tours & Events Spring 2020

I can’t get enough of garden tours! They are so inspirational and provide so many ideas for what I can do in my yard. Plus, many are staffed by experts who can answer questions and provide guidance.

Bulb Lasagna Container Hyacinths growing in container
Lasagna Bulbs: hyacinth, daffodil, paperwhite, Dutch iris
September 22, 2019

Spring Blooming Bulb Lasagna

It’s time to get started on planting my spring bulbs which I usually plant as a single variety. This year, I’m trying out bulb lasagna with a variety of bulbs in one container. It’s easy! Just layer the bulbs according to recommended depth. This can be done directly in your garden or in a container.

Gladiola Cormlet - Gladiolus Pink Gladiola - Gladiolus
Pink & Yellow Gladiolus Blooming in Garden
February 09, 2019


Gladiolus is a summer blooming corm and best planted in early spring. In my zone (9b), corms are typically planted starting in February. Though the corms start to sprout in my yard in December/January. In colder zones, wait until your soil is workable in early spring. Your gladiolus will bloom in about 60 days or so after planting.